An absolutely incredible artistic experience. A masterpiece collection. So deep – so profound – definitely something to share and review again and again as we grow and can appreciate all that is there. I am totally moved and inspired. This will be the next ‘Prayer of Jabez’, ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’, etc. A phenomenon which will become a part of our collective consciousness. Thank you for believing and persevering to make this a reality. The pebble has been dropped… now the ripple effect begins.

Thank you for making this documentary. It helped get together all that I have learned about spirituality. Your wife was a beatuiful soul. Good luck with this. I definitley think it will be a help to me and all who are searching for spirituality and to recognize the difference between religion and spirituality.

Beautiful!! Healing, touching, awakening. Everyone should watch this. I will watch this over and over and pass it on to as many people as I can. It will touch anyone who watches it. This project was filled with so much love and life. Thank you!!!

Wow – what a lot to digest! This experience has given me thought to where I am in my life – how I can improve it – ways to choose love. I thought this was going to be “one of those documentaries”, but as I watched, I became more aware of how focused I was and with my stillness. Thank you for this profound gift. I feel like I just had a great therapy session.

I’ve been reading and studying various types of “healing” and “spiritual” modalities for over 20 years. This documentary was a wonderful way of taking a bit of everything and broadcasting it in one message. Enjoyed it. Thank you for the experience. I will share whenever possible.

This film was inspiring and healing. I enjoyed everything about it. I definitely would recommend and pass it on to someone else.