Meet The Experts


Nicholas Demetry, M.D., is a holistic psychiatrist, energy healer and teacher, who has studied and taught psychospiritual work for 22 years. He studied with several spiritual teachers, healers and shamans, and has integrated techniques and methods of both traditional and alternative therapies. He received his Medical Degree from Emory University School of Medicine. His interest in spiritual healing began while studying transcultural psychiatry and mental health at the University of Hawaii, from 1976-1980, when he traveled to Papua, New Guinea, observing traditional shamanic healers and the Western, scientific medical system side by side. Dr. Demetry is in private practice in Atlanta and is director of the Etherikos International School of Energy Healing and Spiritual Development. He offers programs and classes throughout the world. Dr. Demetry has written Divine Partnership (Etherikos Press) and co-authored a book, Awakening Love (Blue Dolphin Press) which integrates collective religious philosophy, individual spiritual experience, and modern-day psychology, as a means of spiritual healing.

Clinical Psychologist

Bonnie Greenwell has more than 25 years of experience as a transpersonal psychotherapist and is known internationally for her work with kundalini. She holds a Ph.D. from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and she is currently on the adjunct faculty there. She is licensed as a counselor in California and Oregon, and has specialized in working with spiritual emergence, and training others to recognize and support spiritual awakening. She was a founding member and director of the Kundalini Research Network, and authored Energies of Transformation: A Guide to the Kundalini Process, as well as contributing to other spiritual anthologies.

Spiritual Teacher/Former Monk

David Nowe, is a producer, filmmaker, spiritual teacher and a former director of the community outreach program, The Bridge Network. David has a wide array of knowledge studying many spiritual beliefs that is grounded with his experiences living as a monk for over ten years in India with Baba Muktananda. In those years, David was asked by Baba Muktananda to become the founder of his Santa Monica ashram. This background provides his extensive knowledge of Eastern wisdom teachings. He currently lectures on a purely non-dualistic approach to spirituality that is not aligned to the doctrines of any religions or denominations, focusing on how to harness the divine energy within.

Holistic Family Medicine

Dr. Linda Rayner obtained her medical degree at McGill University, Montreal Quebec, with a Board Certification in family practice. She moved to the U.S. in 1999 and made the switch to a holistic practice model in 2002, incorporating natural healing remedies into her practice such as herbs, nutrients and supplements. She obtained Board Certification in Holistic Medicine in 2004. Since 2005, she shifted her focus to study a variety of healing modalities that focus on optimizing the subtle energy systems of the body, including training as a Professional Kinesiology Practitioner, K-Power instructor, Touch for Health, Resonance Therapy, White Winds Institute for Energetic Healing certification, Etherikos Transpersonal Psychology & Spiritual Healing certification, Bach Flower essences and Eden Energy Medicine.

Author – “A Farther Shore”

Yvonne Kason, MD, MEd, CCFP, FCFP, MGPP, is a family physician and transpersonal psychotherapist based in Toronto, retired in 2006. Dr. Kason was an assistant professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Toronto, and on faculty at three Toronto teaching hospitals. She was the founder of the Spiritual Emergence Research and Referral Clinic and a founder of the Kundalini Research Network and the Spirituality in Health-Care Network. In 2002 she chaired the University of Toronto’s first international conference on Spirituality and Health-Care to promote multi-faith and multi-professional dialogue relating to spirituality and healing. Dr. Kason has been a guest on numerous television and radio shows across Canada and the U.S. Her near-death experience has been re-enacted on “Sightings”, as well as in two television documentaries. A recognized international expert and Canada’s foremost authority on near-death, kundalini and mystical experiences, she is in demand as a lecturer and media resource.

University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Andrew Newberg is Director of Research at the Myrna Brind Center for Integrative Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and Medical College. He is also Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. Upon graduating from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in 1993, Dr. Newberg trained in Internal Medicine at the Graduate Hospital in Philadelphia serving as Chief Resident in his final year and subsequently completed a Fellowship in Nuclear Medicine in the Division of Nuclear Medicine, Department of Radiology, at the University of Pennsylvania. He is Board-certified in Internal Medicine, Nuclear Medicine, and Nuclear Cardiology. Dr. Newberg has actively pursued neuroimaging research projects, including the study of aging and dementia, epilepsy, and the neurophysiological correlates of acupuncture, meditation, and other types of complementary therapies.

Columbia University

Dr. Judith Miller is a Professor of Developmental Psychology at Columbia University, teaching human development and its unlimited potential, with a focus on spiritual development across the lifespan. She is the author of Direct Connection and is a practicing Clinical Psychologist in Haverford, Pennsylvania. In addition, she currently assists individuals who seek to expand their conscious self by helping them to understand experiences, which may be buried in the subconscious or understood only through a shift of consciousness. Such experiences, according to Dr. Miller, initiate the individual on the path to spiritual awakening. In her work, she co-founded a three-year program in Germany with families of former concentration camp workers and guards as well as holocaust survivors in hopes of finding empathy and forgiveness as a path to healing.




This film explores the phenomenon of spirituality and healing. Perspectives of people who have experienced and studied this phenomenon vary greatly. While spirituality has been scientifically proven to improve health and wellbeing and can be directly related to physical, emotional and mental healing, it is a personal experience and phenomenon that cannot be guaranteed. The producers believe that spiritual healing is a direct result of the persons connection with spirit and not facilitated by any one individual.


The views expressed by the people in this film except for the appearance of Dr. Lawrence Edwards, Dr. Russell Park, Dr. Jyoti Prevatt, Dr. Judith Miller, Dr. Charles Whitfield and Barbara Whitfield are not endorsed or supported in any way by the Kundalini Research Network or any board member of this organization.  As per KRN policy, it does not endorse this film or any associated programs or products.