An absolutely incredible artistic experience. A masterpiece collection. So deep – so profound – definitely something to share and review again and again as we grow and can appreciate all that is there. I am totally moved and inspired. This will be the next ‘Prayer of Jabez’, ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’, etc. A phenomenon which will become a part of our collective consciousness. Thank you for believing and persevering to make this a reality. The pebble has been dropped… now the ripple effect begins.

I loved it. It really put spirituality into perspective, changing from ‘Let’s get rich’ to ‘Let’s meet God’. I will be thinking about it alot in the days ahead. This really changed my life.

I’ve been on a journey in finding my path. This film puts into simple terms many of the things I’ve experienced. It’s a hard thing to explain to people, but you’ve done a great job of it. I think so many people go through these experiences, but are afraid to talk about them for fear of people thinking they’re crazy! I think this film can help a lot of people. I know several people that I want to pass it onto.

Beautiful – Peace filled – Soul expanding. I came to the screening with pain and tension in my shoulder and neck – I just realized it is GONE. The colors and images were extraordinary. I took notes and will keep them with other soul affirming meditations that I use on a regular basis. I look forward to watching the documentary again and again and sharing it. It was an honor to see this.

I came to this viewing angry at something very minor and was moved to tears by this film! Art truly heals! Thank you and Laura for being a conduit for God’s message.

I was touched by your movie. I am swamped with lots of different things happening in my life. I moved across the country one year ago to Atlanta to be with my “soul” mate, made lots of changes and now we are expecting a baby. I believe meditation and searching for my soul with my new family will be amazing.

Excellent variety of material. It would be easy to watch this a thousand times and learn and “feel” more each time. Very useful in second stage recovery of any addiction and on/in depression/psych units.

Thank you for making this documentary. It helped get together all that I have learned about spirituality. Your wife was a beatuiful soul. Good luck with this. I definitley think it will be a help to me and all who are searching for spirituality and to recognize the difference between religion and spirituality.

This documentary revealed to me what I have always known but had a hard time submitting to. Peace comes from within, not from others. Prayer and acceptance brings inner peace. God is the big picture, not me.

Very well produced. Obviously much time and thought has gone into selecting quality participants (use of scholars); this pays off nicely. I think in terms of sheer content, everything is working nicely. The subject matter, in general, stays on track. You are addressing many broad and universal topics, one after another, and it’s working.

Made me feel better. I am going to start meditating. The difference between prayer and mediation – I had not thought about before. I have the talking part down, not always the listening. I have many people I want to show this to.