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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



What is covered in the film?


Segment One – What is Life Force, Spirituality, the Soul and Spiritual Health


Segment Two – Consciousness, Belief and the Direct Experience


Segment Three – How Trauma Disconnects Us


Segment Four – The Three Keys To Tuning-in To Spirit


Segment Five – Prayer and Meditation and Other Spiritual Health Practices


Segment Six – How to Improve Your Spiritual Health


How long is the film?




Are there discounts for multiple copies?


Our goal is to have Life Force shared around the world, helping everyone find their own answers, raise consciousness and make their own spiritual connection. We ask that you host screenings of the film for free to help us share it with the world. We also offer a hosting special, where you will receive 5 copies of “Life Force: spiritual health explained” for $60 ($12/copy). For greater volume discounts on sales of twenty or more, please contact us at our business email address –