Judith Miller, Ph.D.

Dr. Judith Miller is a Professor of Developmental Psychology at Columbia University, teaching human development and its unlimited potential, with a focus on spiritual development across the lifespan. She is the author of Direct Connection and is a practicing Clinical Psychologist in Haverford, Pennsylvania. In addition, she currently assists individuals who seek to expand their conscious self by helping them to understand experiences, which may be buried in the subconscious or understood only through a shift of consciousness. Such experiences, according to Dr. Miller, initiate the individual on the path to spiritual awakening. In her work, she co-founded a three-year program in Germany with families of former concentration camp workers and guards as well as holocaust survivors in hopes of finding empathy and forgiveness as a path to healing.




This film explores the phenomenon of spirituality and healing. Perspectives of people who have experienced and studied this phenomenon vary greatly. While spirituality has been scientifically proven to improve health and wellbeing and can be directly related to physical, emotional and mental healing, it is a personal experience and phenomenon that cannot be guaranteed. The producers believe that spiritual healing is a direct result of the persons connection with spirit and not facilitated by any one individual.


The views expressed by the people in this film except for the appearance of Dr. Lawrence Edwards, Dr. Russell Park, Dr. Jyoti Prevatt, Dr. Judith Miller, Dr. Charles Whitfield and Barbara Whitfield are not endorsed or supported in any way by the Kundalini Research Network or any board member of this organization.  As per KRN policy, it does not endorse this film or any associated programs or products.


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