Nicholas Demetry, M.D.

Nicholas Demetry, M.D., is a holistic psychiatrist, energy healer and teacher, who has studied and taught psychospiritual work for 22 years. He studied with several spiritual teachers, healers and shamans, and has integrated techniques and methods of both traditional and alternative therapies. He received his Medical Degree from Emory University School of Medicine. His interest in spiritual healing began while studying transcultural psychiatry and mental health at the University of Hawaii, from 1976-1980, when he traveled to Papua, New Guinea, observing traditional shamanic healers and the Western, scientific medical system side by side. Dr. Demetry is in private practice in Atlanta and is director of the Etherikos International School of Energy Healing and Spiritual Development. He offers programs and classes throughout the world. Dr. Demetry has written Divine Partnership (Etherikos Press) and co-authored a book, Awakening Love (Blue Dolphin Press) which integrates collective religious philosophy, individual spiritual experience, and modern-day psychology, as a means of spiritual healing.

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