Groundbreaking New Film

12-year journey to the screen


How did the movie get made?

After years of working in television for broadcasters like MTV, CBS and the Turner Networks, award winning filmmaker Laura Kab and her husband John started to create Life Force in 1998 to provide guidance in healing through spirituality. Laura had struggled with the many effects of her own childhood abuse. Frustrated by all the pills prescribed for each symptom, like panic attacks, migraines, eczema, etc. Laura realized there were no quick fixes. The answer finally came through a direct experience with spirit where she was told to “help other people.” She even appeared on a television show describing her life-changing encounter.


Laura soon understood that by reconnecting to her soul through this direct experience of spirit, she was being led to the healing she needed. As an experiment in healing, she decided to help others by creating a film she called Life Force. The goal became to discuss the relationship between spirituality and healing in an open, straightforward style and with strong scientific support. The experiment became to see if Life Force could help the viewer heal from traumatic experiences including loss, abuse, and neglect while providing a self-help look at improving spiritual health. Life Force would be an entire spiritual health class packed into one-hour, meant to be watched over and over again. Armed with information and proven techniques, the ultimate goal was to inspire viewers to discover their true beliefs through a real spiritual connection.


Laura and John finished shooting interviews with the top experts in the field of spirituality and healing by the Spring of 1999. Laura became pregnant and soon after she miscarried. Laura began editing Life Force night and day, determined that this was the baby that she would deliver. She finished the first draft by the end of the summer and to celebrate, she and John went to the beach. While away, Laura died from a burst ectopic pregnancy. They didn’t know it, but there was a twin pregnancy.


John was determined to finish what Laura started as her legacy. Even though she finished all the interviews, Laura wanted John to connect the ideas of spirituality from each interview with his narration. The problem was that he needed to understand spirit as deeply as Laura did in order to do it. This began John’s twelve-year journey studying spirituality and healing around the world, teaching it and eventually working as a healer. Along the way to finishing the film, John wrote about Laura and his own direct spiritual experiences in the book I Am… Years later he completed the 90-Day Spiritual Health Plan® based on Laura’s original wish to help others who followed in her path. His years of study following the documentary led to creating the Master Class. Life Force became both Laura and John’s life’s work, combining all they knew about spirituality and healing. Ultimately Life Force is more than life-changing information. It just may be the real secret to tapping into the incredible power of belief.


What does the movie offer?


Life Force: spiritual health explained is a densely informative and inspirational film that explores the incredible power of belief. It’s like an entire course in spirituality and healing packed into just one-hour! Host and author, John Kabashinski weaves his unique insights with interviews of top experts in spirituality and healing to uncover the mysteries of spiritual energy and the real benefits of raising our consciousness. We know that science has proven that spirituality can lead to faster healing, reduced stress and even happier, longer lives, but how and why does it work?


Life Force: spiritual health explained provides incredible mind-expanding ideas to broaden personal horizons, including the three keys for everyone to tap into this tremendous power to achieve personal mastery and spiritual realization. You can then take the innovative ideas from the documentary, leveraging the power of emotional and spiritual exploration and integrate it into your own developmental growth.


First, you will be able to watch the documentary over and over as intended, either on DVD or through an online experience via the membership website. There you will find a deeper discussion with experts and viewers, in bonus webinars allowing for a deeper understanding of the ideas and topics covered in the documentary. Also, you can create your own Spiritual Health Plan®, a unique 90-Day program providing a path of surprising discoveries towards spiritual growth in as little as twenty-minutes a day, with a unique Spiritual Health Score to measure your progress. Finally, you can take the Master Class, an advanced look at spiritual healing which leads you to the next steps towards greater wisdom and deeper meaning.


Our goal is to have Life Force: spiritual health explained seen around the world, helping everyone find their own answers, raise consciousness and make their own spiritual connection. Beyond benefitting directly, we ask that if Life Force helped you, please tell your friends about us, like us on facebook and tweet about us. If Life Force succeeds, it is because of your support.



About the Filmmakers


Laura KabLaura Kab Writer/Producer/Editor

Laura Kab is the creator of Life Force as a result of her personal experience with healing from emotional trauma. As an award winning editor and filmmaker, working on “Straight Dope” for Mtv, “Ultimate Betrayal” for CBS and numerous national commercials and music videos, Laura hoped to create art that heals. Recognizing the transformative power of film, she sought to both help raise consciousness and possibly help others to heal who followed in her path. Her incredible wisdom and spiritual insights were way beyond her years and ahead of her time, which was cut short by her death from a burst ectopic pregnancy. Her wish for this project, “her baby”, was that viewers would watch it over and over again, getting something new from it each time. She hoped they would share it, creating a force for healing and inspiration.


John Kabashinski

John Kabashinski Writer/Producer/Camera/Host

John Kabashinski is a three-time Emmy nominated writer, director and producer with over twenty years experience creating across multiple platforms. He is author of the book “I Am”, which details how his work in spirituality began when his first wife Laura died from a burst ectopic pregnancy, leading to a twelve-year journey studying spirituality and healing around the world. Combined with trips to Fatima, Lourdes and extended stays at ashrams in India, John studied with Nicholas Demetry M.D. receiving his certification in Transpersonal Psychology & Spiritual Healing from the Etherikos International School of Energy Healing and Spiritual Development. John later became a student teacher with doctor Demetry and eventually helped teach spiritual healing in several countries. He is currently a board member of the Institute for Spiritual Health, founded by doctor Demetry as a non-profit established to advance spiritual healing modalities within medicine and science.


John has completed Laura’s original work in the documentary Life Force: spiritual health explained and created the companion 90-day Spiritual Health Plan and Master Class. As a creative professional his career highlights include years of television production, winning a Froggy Award from the WB for best broadcast campaign in the nation and redesigning an exhibit at Epcot for Motorola.



Michelle KabashinskiMichelle KabashinskiAssociate Producer

Michelle Kabashinski received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from The Ohio State University. She has worked in front of the camera, as well as in production for local and nationally syndicated commercials, corporate films and news programs. She initially worked with John on Bruce Wilkenson’s Seven Peaks project, where she also met Laura. John and Michelle eventually reconnected years later and married. Michelle worked with John through the years that followed as a co-owner of their production company, Sun Moon Stars. A self-taught camera operator, editor and sound designer, Michelle enhanced her production and on-camera experience with her invaluable creative contribution. Besides working on Life Force movie, webinars and interviews, Michelle is currently producing a short film for film festivals and her own web videos about adoptable pets.



This film explores the phenomenon of spirituality and healing. Perspectives of people who have experienced and studied this phenomenon vary greatly. While spirituality has been scientifically proven to improve health and wellbeing and can be directly related to physical, emotional and mental healing, it is a personal experience and phenomenon that cannot be guaranteed. The producers believe that spiritual healing is a direct result of the persons connection with spirit and not facilitated by any one individual.


The views expressed by the people in this film except for the appearance of Dr. Lawrence Edwards, Dr. Russell Park, Dr. Jyoti Prevatt, Dr. Judith Miller, Dr. Charles Whitfield and Barbara Whitfield are not endorsed or supported in any way by the Kundalini Research Network or any board member of this organization. As per KRN policy, it does not endorse this film or any associated programs or products.