Can Alternative Medicine Cure Depression and Produce Peace of Mind?

Conventional medicine is still struggling to accept a simple notion well understood by alternative medicine- that there is a direct link between physical health and mental health. This should come as no surprise considering the fact conventional medicine focuses so narrowly on treating acute symptoms that it ignores the larger, more interconnected issues of wellness and health altogether. Medical doctors tend to focus solely on the ten inches of the human body that is their expertise, often ignoring the continuity between the rest of the patients body, their diet and lifestyle. Conventional medicine prescribes one set of drugs for mental problems and another set of drugs for physical problems, all the while refusing to entertain the notion stating the root causes of both may bare a more-than-passing resemblance to each other. It chooses to primarily recognize a bio-chemical paradigm for both mental and physical illness, when mountains of clinical data indicate that is just not the case.


What Makes Some Medicine “Alternative”


Assembling a definition of “Alternative Medicine” which encompasses the entirety of the discipline is difficult (if not impossible) as people use the term “Alternative Medicine” to describe any method of healing which falls outside the realm of Conventional Medicine. Because Conventional Medicine offers a fairly limited scope of treatments revolving around administering prescription drugs, Alternative Medicine can be used to refer to a massive number of healing treatments hailing from every corner of the earth. For example- some people might consider both Energy Healing and Herbalism forms of Alternative Medicine, despite the fact they don’t seem to have much in common on the surface.


What are the Common Threads between Alternative Medicine Treatments?


Due to the diversity of treatments thrown under the umbrella of Alternative Medicine, it’s simple to assume the term is a simply catch-all without any underlying structure or set of beliefs. This assumption is inaccurate. While the world’s traditional healing methods often developed in isolation from each other, they all contain a few common threads. Some of these common threads include the common belief that healing is a matter of facilitating natural processes and not bluntly assaulting the body with powerful external forces (such as modern synthetic drugs) and the understanding that most seemingly physical health problems are really caused by the invisible spiritual energies which flow through all of creation. Also, that returning to health is sourced through re-achieving balance with these natural energies through plants, energy movement, lifestyle and dietary changes and using traditional healing techniques that prove effective.


However, the single biggest universally held belief within all Alternative Medicine traditions is the understanding a human being is a holistic creation- that a human’s mental and physical health are intrinsically, inseparably linked. Also, that there is another, equally important component – spiritual health. This connection to what we believe with our mental and physical health is undeniable and scientifically proven.


The Root Causes of Mental and Physical Disease


The vast majority of traditions whose healing methods fall under the umbrella of Alternative Medicine understand the same problems that produce physical disease also produce mental disease. The specific diagnosis of these underlying causes may vary within Alternative Medicine, but all causes are considered to produce a holistic illness within the individual who suffers from them. In other words, the disease is a symptom of the holistic problem. Therefore, a search for the root cause of the problem, such as an unprocessed traumatic experience, environmental or lifestyle hazard or negative emotional pattern is necessary before finding a real cure. Addressing the symptom may offer temporary relief but the illness will only reappear if there is not a manifest shift in consciousness and behavior.


Because of the vast array of healing modalities lumped into the term “Alternative Medicine” there are an equally wide variety of philosophical differences as to the root cause. Some Alternative Medicine practices place the root of all illness on poor diet, on consuming certain foods considered to be unnatural for humans to consume. For those practices, an unnatural diet will not only result in unnatural physical problems, it will also produce unnatural and unhealthy thinking (such as depression). For other traditions the root of all illness is entirely spiritual in nature, and both physical degeneration and depression are caused by the improper flow of spiritual energy within a human’s corporeal and incorporeal body. It is based on beliefs misaligned with the Creative Source of truth and love.


Regardless of the precise “root of illness” identified within a branch of Alternative Medicine, all traditional healing systems point to the reality that peace of mind and peace of body are one and the same.


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John Kabashinski is a three-time Emmy nominated writer, director and producer. He is author of the book “I Am”, which details how his work in spirituality began, leading to a twelve-year journey studying spirituality and healing around the world. John studied with Nicholas Demetry M.D. receiving his certification in Transpersonal Psychology & Spiritual Healing. John eventually helped teach spiritual healing in several countries. He is currently a board member of the Institute for Spiritual Health, a non-profit established to advance spiritual healing modalities within medicine and science.

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