Holy Spirit, Chi, and What Wellness Really Means

One of the problems members of different spiritual traditions run into while attempting to communicate with each other is the fact they all use different words to explain the same basic principles. With a little research into different traditions it becomes clear that the only differences between one and the other is the words they use, the settings of the stories they tell, and the masks they throw over ultimate meaning to give it accessible shape and form. For example, let’s take a minute to consider the connections between Holy Spirit and Chi.


The Basics of Holy Spirit

If you know anything about Holy Spirit you know it as the third, and least mentioned, member of the trinity within the Christian tradition. According to the Christian understanding of the world the ultimate divine source is divided into the Father (God, Yahweh), the Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit. Together they are known as the Holy Trinity, and while this makes it sound like Christianity is more polytheistic than it claims, many Christians understand the Holy Trinity as simply describing 3 different aspects of a single divine presence.


The first two members of the Trinity are easy to understand because they are personified as humans within Christian Theology. The Holy Spirit, however, is understood as an omnipresent divine presence. The Holy Spirit is found within the soul which resides within each individual and links all of life together.


The Basics of Chi

The concept of Chi comes from the Toaist paradigm of the world. Toaism is a spiritual tradition, which comes from China which revolves around the currents, flows and rhythms of the world, of which we are a part. The central concept of Taoism is Chi (sometimes written as Qi). To simplify the issue, Chi translates as Life Force. Chi is the spiritual essence and force, which flows within and throughout all of existence. Humans have Chi, Plants and Animals have Chi, the Earth as a whole has Chi as does the greater Universe.


Holy Spirit, Chi and Spiritual Healing

It should be clear that Holy Spirit and Chi are describing the same basic principle- that invisible spiritual currents flow throughout the world, animating and connecting everything.


There’s an interesting point to note about Chi. While it’s commonly translated as Life Force, the traditional Chinese character used to describe “health” translates literally as “original chi.” In many traditions vibrant good health is understood as the proper flow of this invisible spiritual energy within an individual’s life. This idea forms the basis of spiritual healing, the concept that wellness and health aren’t primarily biological processes- they are primarily spiritual concerns.


Allowing Holy Spirit to flow into your life and animate you is a core tenet of health in the Christian tradition. After all, it was Holy Spirit that Yahweh breathed into creation to give it life according to Genesis. Taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine are filled with healing practices, such as acupuncture, which are primarily concerned with improving the flow of this vital force within your body, removing blockages and eliminating barriers towards an individual receiving and giving spiritual energy.


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John Kabashinski is a three-time Emmy nominated writer, director and producer. He is author of the book “I Am”, which details how his work in spirituality began, leading to a twelve-year journey studying spirituality and healing around the world. John studied with Nicholas Demetry M.D. receiving his certification in Transpersonal Psychology & Spiritual Healing. John eventually helped teach spiritual healing in several countries. He is currently a board member of the Institute for Spiritual Health, a non-profit established to advance spiritual healing modalities within medicine and science.

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