What the Bleep’s Take on Soul and Mind Power

One of the most remarkable movies to come out in recent years is “What the Bleep Do We Know”, commonly referred to simply as “What the Bleep.” The movie’s genre is a little hard to pin down as it combines a variety of different film-making styles to explore its central message of the connections between the material and immaterial worlds. Utilizing documentary footage, animation and a traditional film narrative, “What the Bleep” showcases how a host of exciting scientific and spiritual concepts relate to an individual’s life, including their overall wellness and health.


What the Bleep, in Brief


To summarize “What the Bleep” very briefly:
The movie centers on a photographer who finds running into a number of life experiences that begin to awaken her to metaphysical concepts such as the effect soul and mind power have on the world. The movie explores these ideas through an exploration of both individual and group consciousness. These metaphysical ideas are discussed through both spiritual concepts and cutting edge quantum physics, which validates its spiritual concepts through scientific experimentation and mathematics.
“What the Bleep” constantly draws connections between how material reality and consciousness interact with each other. The core connection the movie draws between these concepts include

  • How the universe’s static appearance is an illusion. The universe is composed of elementary particles that constantly pop in and out of existence (going who knows where). Even the basic atoms of reality exist in the manner they do, solely due to their unique vibrations and NOT any sort of intrinsic characteristic.
  • How self-conceptions and interpretations of reality are highly subjective. The manner in which we act within the world, and as such the manner in which we reconstruct the world on both an individual and group level, is based on subjective perception and not some objective existence.


What the Bleep and Healing

Many of the problems the movie’s protagonist encounters are emotional and existential in nature, relating to her feelings of spiritual sickness. The movie explains some of the connections between though, biological processes, and the emotions which we experience. For example, our emotions are the result of certain chemical reactions within our brains, whose production and release are triggered by the manner in which we think.


By shining light on this connection between thought and emotion, What the Bleep explains how health and wellness are determined, at their core, by immaterial realities. The chemical components of our health and wellness are nothing more than symptoms, byproducts of our thoughts. The thought precedes the chemical reaction that reinforces the emotional and physical reaction.


Your Soul, Mind Power and Your Health

What the Bleep presents an intriguing and well-substantiated understanding of health. Your health my manifest itself in physical reactions, but it is primarily rooted in non-physical realities. At first this can be a terrifying concept to think about. If you have always believed health as primarily physical, a problem to be treated through physical medicines, then conceptualizing your health as a primarily a non-physical experience can make you feel like you don’t have any control over your wellness. It requires a paradigm shift to integrate this idea into the choices you make.


These feelings of lack of control are natural to experience, but they must be overcome. After all, you have more control over your mind power, over how you focus your thoughts and filter your perceptions, than you truly have over your physical body. The questions raised in “What The Bleep” are What do you focus on over long periods of time? And How does this effect how you feel? While other films lie “The Secret” touched on how to harness this energy for personal gain it left the viewer with incomplete information. Metaphysical mastery is not about gaining possessions, but as introduced in “What the Bleep” it is more about well being.


The first step towards understanding, and ultimately mastering, the non-physical roots of health and wellness involves continuing to educate yourself on these concepts. Watching What the Bleep, as well as other documentaries are a great way to begin. The latest offering, Life Force: Spiritual Health Explained begins where “What The Bleep” left off. It focuses on spiritual energy as a function of beliefs and choices made in alignment with those beliefs. This groundbreaking film will help you transform your consciousness to the point where you will easily begin to see how you can take control over your physical health by taking charge of your soul. The movie is integrated with a 90-Day Spiritual Health Plan to implement what is in the film into your life in just twenty minutes a day. Finally, there is a Master Class to take the concepts found in the film to a much deeper level, towards real spiritual mastery.




About John Kabashinski

John Kabashinski is a three-time Emmy nominated writer, director and producer. He is author of the book “I Am”, which details how his work in spirituality began, leading to a twelve-year journey studying spirituality and healing around the world. John studied with Nicholas Demetry M.D. receiving his certification in Transpersonal Psychology & Spiritual Healing. John eventually helped teach spiritual healing in several countries. He is currently a board member of the Institute for Spiritual Health, a non-profit established to advance spiritual healing modalities within medicine and science.

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